Ryan Abrahamsen started his first web development and video production company in 2002. Looking to personalize his work and merge his passion for the outdoors and photography with his career in web development, Ryan launched Terrain360.com in 2012. The website offers 360-degree image maps of hiking trails all over the United States.

In partnership with the James River Association, Ryan and Andy Thompson, a local outdoor journalist, floated the 343-mile James River in a custom pontoon raft in the summer of 2014. The resulting map – now online at Terrain360.com and jrava.org – is the first 360-degree image map ever created of an entire river... Read More t

Born on Chicago's South Side, Joi Marshall grew up listening to Motown, envisioning herself as the next Diana Ross. In 1992, Joi was selected to join Giant Records’ newly formed R&B group, Jade. Despite the group's multi-platinum success, the young trio discovered that being well known did not necessarily equal being well paid. Turning lemons into lemonade, Joi put all of her years of experience into a critically acclaimed quick reference guide, Answers to the 20 Most Asked Question about the Music Business. Now living in Atlanta, she lectures on the music business and represents recording artists rights. She also coaches people to “Start Where They Are, With What They Already Have, To Live The Life They Truly Want.”.. Read More t

Yewande Austin is the executive director of the Change Rocks Foundation and a lecturer-in-residence at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her socially charged music has taken center stage with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, and India.Arie. Since 2006, Yewande has empowered the world’s most vulnerable youth through a combination of music education, academic, leadership and sustainable skill training. She will soon be in Nigeria to work with survivors of the 2014 Boko Haram kidnapping and other children that live with the daily threat of being trafficked.

Can music really be a formidable weapon in the fight for social justice? She’s willing to bet her life on it... Read More t