As a youth social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Luke Tyson launched a non-profit initiative called SEW for SOS in 2013. His project, with the mission of uplifting individuals going through rough times, gave youth a platform to make a positive impact through the sewing of miniature pillows with kind or inspirational sentiments stitched inside. These pillows were sent to mental health patients, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), wounded soldiers, and others in need of uplifting across the globe. Over the two years that SEW for SOS ran, it garnered the support of youth volunteers across the nation, raised nearly $2,000 through both crowdfunding and grants, was featured on both local and national news, and was able to impact nearly 1,000 individuals... Read More t

A poor high school student, a former elite cyclist, a bio-mechanist, and big thinker, Craig Dodson is the unlikely Founder and Executive Director of Richmond Cycling Corps. Craig runs the visionary and directional- joystick of the organization…obsessively... Read More t

Jendayi Johnson has served on ART 180's Teen Leadership Council since 2013. She has helped create and perform ART 180 plays PowerFULL and #BlackLivesMatter in partnership with The Conciliation Project. Jendayi is a sophomore studying musical theater at Appomattox Regional Governor's School... Read More t