Mixologist Jim Meehan is a product designer, journalist, and author of “The PDT Cocktail Book.” He has achieved critical acclaim for his work behind several high profile bars in New York City including Gramercy Tavern and his own speakeasy, Please Don’t Tell. PDT was the winner of the first-ever James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program in 2012. Spurred by a never-ending thirst for more knowledge and his belief in the transformative power of authentic hospitality, Jim’s commitment to mentor the next generation of service industry professionals is only divided by his duties as a proud father and devoted husband... Read More t

Archie Coates’ motto is “Have fun and do what you want.” Armed with this philosophy, he and his multidisciplinary design firm PlayLab are currently at work on the +POOL project. As a lark, Archie and his colleagues created a website to pitch the world’s first water filtering, free-floating pool. When the concept attracted attention and affirmation from scientists and engineers, Archie went with it, raising over a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter and completing a prototype pool in New York City’s East River... Read More t

Daniel Goldschmidt has a passion for music. This Minneapolis, Minn., native studied the connection between music cognition and therapy at the University of Kansas, and then he moved to Richmond to work as a music therapist at Poplar Springs Hospital in Petersburg, where he works with works with military service men and women to help alleviate disorders such as PTSD and substance abuse. Daniel is also a composer for KC A Capella, a music teacher, a freelance pianist and owner of a piano repair service... Read More t