Dr. Ram Bhagat is an educator and artistic director of Drums No Guns. As an award-winning science teacher for 27 years, Ram stimulated the creative problem solving skills of Richmond City Schools students, integrating drumming, dance, and drama into the chemistry curriculum. Currently, he is committed to healing trauma in classrooms, communities, and consciousness as an international conflict resolution trainer for the Richmond Peace Education Center and founder of the Richmond Youth Peace Project. He also serves as board president for The Conciliation Project, which uses dramatic works to promote an open and honest dialogue about racial healing, social justice, and the intersections of oppression in order to guide communities towards conciliation... Read More t

Dr. Joel Levine is a Research Professor in the Department of Applied Science at the College of William and Mary. Prior to joining the College of William and Mary in 2011, Joel spent 41 years at NASA. He developed models of the upper atmosphere of Mars for the Viking 1 and 2 Mars Orbiter and Lander Missions and worked on other missions to explore the Red Planet.

Through his study of the atmospheres of both Earth and Mars, Joel explores the similarities and differences between the two planets, while continuing the search for life outside of earth. During his TEDxRVA talk, he will discuss the United States' plan to send astronauts to Mars for the first time... Read More t

David M. Bailey has spent the last 15 years using music as a tool in the reconciliation process. The Richmond native is the founder of Arrabon, a nonprofit that helps communities understand diversity and reconciliation through the vehicles of cultural training and music. He is an active member of a multicultural Christian faith community that endeavors to be a faithful presence for both the poor and rich in Church Hill. Over the last five summers, he has conducted an urban songwriting internship to create new songs with people of diverse ethnicities, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds in order to tell new stories and create spaces of belonging in a gentrified community... Read More t