Dr. Michael Bishop is a Richmond musician best known for his work with GWAR. In the late 1980s, Bishop started as the bassist for the shock rock band while in high school, creating the character Beefkake the Mighty. Bishop left the band to concentrate on Kepone, a post-punk group who released three records between 1992 and 2000. In 2012, he earned a Ph.D. in music from the University of Virginia, specializing in popular music ethnography and performance studies. Following the death of GWAR singer Dave Brockie in 2014, Michael became the band’s vocalist, the Berserker Blöthar. Today, he stays busy as a writer and learning strategist, a member of Kepone and a country and soul group called the Misery Brothers, and the bassist for Sarah White. He also works with composer J. William Adkins on music, stage, and animation projects... Read More t

Dr. Ram Bhagat is an educator and artistic director of Drums No Guns. As an award-winning science teacher for 27 years, Ram stimulated the creative problem solving skills of Richmond City Schools students, integrating drumming, dance, and drama into the chemistry curriculum. Currently, he is committed to healing trauma in classrooms, communities, and consciousness as an international conflict resolution trainer for the Richmond Peace Education Center and founder of the Richmond Youth Peace Project. He also serves as board president for The Conciliation Project, which uses dramatic works to promote an open and honest dialogue about racial healing, social justice, and the intersections of oppression in order to guide communities towards conciliation... Read More t

Brandon Farbstein, currently a freshman at Deep Run High School, has set out to make a name for himself within the Richmond region. At just age 15, he has performed in 13 shows with SPARC, the School of Performing Arts in Richmond Community. When not on stage, Brandon is a strong believer in philanthropy and giving back. Diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism at just age 2, he has a unique perspective on the world and aspires to inspire others. Nationally, Brandon serves as an Ambassador for the March of Dimes, while locally he works on the Deep Run Marathon Dance student committee... Read More t