Playwright, director, actor, poet, writer, scholar-activist, and teacher Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates engages the dramatic arts as a tool for social change. With a long history in film, television, and theater all around the United States, she currently teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University and serves as Artistic Director for the Conciliation Project. In the latter position, she collaborates with organizations such as Housing Opportunities Made Equal and the Healing Place to create plays that actively engage the psychological barriers created by race, class, gender, and identity. One such play, uncle tom: de-constructed, was nominated by Amnesty International for a Humanitarian Award... Read More t

David Rau, Principal Architect of the award-winning firm 3north, has spent his career building, restoring, and reinventing great American places. With offices in both Richmond and San Francisco, 3north was founded as a collaborative workshop, integrating teams in architecture, design, landscape architecture, and graphic design. 3north’s projects are seen around the world from plans for a new town on the North African coast to the currently commissioned urban mixed-use development in our local downtown Richmond. His storytelling-based IQ (Intangible Qualities) methodology proves successful as his work is continually honored at a local, state, and federal level... Read More t

When his daughter was in kindergarten Garth Callaghan would write her inspirational notes on napkins and tuck them away in her lunch box. When he was diagnosed with cancer for a third time he began to worry that he may not see her graduate high school so he decided to write out all of the daily napkins notes she would need until she graduated high school 826 days later.

Garth’s current life mission is the antithesis of his technology background. He is trying to teach the world to connect through the lost art of handwritten notes—ink on napkin. While he is a big proponent of social media and maintains an active blog, he believes that a note on a napkin can make a lasting impression with a more meaningful impact on those we truly care about... Read More t