TEDxRVA 2014

Watch Our Speakers

TEDxRVA talks from our event on March 28, 2014 can be be found on this page. New talks will be uploaded as final edits are completed. Thanks for watching!

Dependence Isn’t a Dirty Word: Dr. Danny Avula at TEDxRVA

We’ll See What We See When We Get There: Archie Lee Coates IV at TEDxRVA

Defending Imagination: Dr. Lisa Freiman at TEDxRVA

What’s the future if there is no one to build it?: Jasmine Lawrence at TEDxRVA

The Power of a 2-inch Circle: Amy Black at TEDxRVA

Redesigning the Skin I Am In: Carmen Jones at TEDxRVA

Reframing Food: Ashley Stanley at TEDxRVA

Re-acting to Violence Against Children: Anne Goddard at TEDxRVA

The intersection of pop culture and politics: Mike Muse at TEDxRVA

Garnish With a Twist: Jim Meehan at TEDxRVA

The Hero’s Journey: Jesse Vaughan at TEDxRVA

Revitalizing the Hood with Urban Agriculture: Duron Chavis at TEDxRVA

Making Life and Death Decisions: Brian Shepard at TEDxRVA

Shooting the Messenger (In Memory of Lil Snupe): Joshua Braunstein at TEDxRVA

Re-experience; glass as performance art: Charlotte Potter and Robin Rogers at TEDxRVA

Shepherding an Analog Connection in a Digital World: Garth Callaghan at TEDxRVA

Music: the beautiful lie: Daniel Goldschmidt at TEDxRVA

The Naked Truth: Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates at TEDxRVA

The Resurgence of African American Male Philanthropists: Reggie Gordon at TEDxRVA

Dr. Andrew Poklepovic at TEDxRVA

Morgan Yacoe & Dr. Jennifer Rhodes at TEDxRVA

Reawakening: David Rau at TEDxRVA